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Efig celebrates 15 years marketing for interior landscaping

Efig, the European Federation of Interior Landscape Groups is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The organisation was formed to provide one voice to speak for the interior landscaping market as a whole and to promote the advantages of plants to the working public in specific.

A group of interior landscape businesses formed the association in 2001 prompted by a furore around the fit-out expenses of Portcullis House including the 12 big Ficus trees set up in the atrium.

The expense of the trees was considered astronomical and the trees were viewed as purely ornamental for the MP's brand-new home. Several spoke up about the benefits the trees offered.

This was the incentive that informed the group to form efig to speak out in future cases like this.

Efig chairman Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design stated: "We needed an official body to speak up in defence of our industry and to educate the business community and others.

" I, like a lot of my market coworkers, have actually been involved since the beginning.

"At least now there is far more issue about surrounding ourselves with nature with lots of beyond the market championing this for health reasons.".

Almost 12 years later on to the day, the murmurings about the cost of these trees cropped up again.

With cuts rife and the word austerity at the top of everybody's mind, the annual leasing of these big trees was viewed as a government overindulgence.

Our chairman at the time, Kenneth Freeman of Ambius wrote letters and appeared on Radio 4 and BBC2 in discussions to discuss the importance of the trees in that location.

He lastly was successful by meeting the Government Estates Department and sending out a full report to them. The trees remained and a much better deal was worked out for the landscaper included.

"A strong trade association working continuously to promote the advantages of plants in the working environment is essential," stated vice chair Chris Jenkin of Enterprise Plants.

"With the recognition of our have to get in touch with nature, otherwise referred to as biophilia, for our physical and mental wellbeing, we are confident that this is the way forward. efig will certainly be making every effort to send this message to business leaders and the wider community in the future.".

Efig will commemorate this 15th anniversary milestone starting with a 'garden party'. This event will not just celebrate the anniversary however likewise efig's award winners at their yearly gala supper on 22 April.

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